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SELF LOVE is the BEST LOVE one can LOVE you like you LOVE you..#BluntlySpoken

..can't miss something you NEVER continue to LOVE YOU... #BluntlySpoken

LOVE is everything. Without it we are TRULY lost #facts. You can't sit around an want LOVE..wishing and pondering when you have forgot about SELF. True love WON'T surface until you are truly LOVING YOU. #FACTS When you truly love self PROPERLY we tend to NOT TOLERATE a lot of mess..#right so there fore it would be LESS heart breaks and headaches. Don't be so quick to LOVE others and not loving self the same if not more.#dontFORGETaboutSELF

When was the last time you bought self something? When was the last time you took self on self needed pampering? When was the last time you really catered to your WANTS not just the NEEDS? #askSELF

...tend to YOU, because YOU counting on YOU #BluntlySpoken

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