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product information
English name: one piece swimsuit
Production material: polyester fiber
Product Description:
  • Material:Polyester fiber
  • Accessory structure:One-piece swimsuit
  • Features:Fit to the body: good wrapping, fit the body, not easy to pocket water, unique design, comfortable and thin. Plastic and slimming: keep small flat angles, block fat, wrap and shape to make you slimmer. U-shaped design: U-shaped beautiful back, easy to wear, convenient for underwater activities, and comfortable swimming experience.
  • Fine workmanship: more attentive design, fine workmanship, soft fabrics, showing your figure, conservative yet sexy, giving you 100 points of comfort and 100 points of beauty.
  • Occasions:It can be used in outdoor and indoor swimming pools such as beaches, beaches, etc., to show the curves of the body.
  • Washing instructions:Can be hand washed or machine washed, do not soak for a long time, do not bleach, and the temperature of the washing liquid should not exceed 30ºC.

Kisses vibing sexy swim ware

PriceFrom $25.00
Excluding Sales Tax